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Home of the Datil Pepper

Ardezen market is a show case of artisan fine goods both locally and internationally.

Hello and Welcome to our Savory Shop, we have made some new and exciting changes. We are under new Ownership HOT STUFF MON store is now called  HOT STUFF.  And the olive this olive that store is now called ARDEZEN MARKET. We have also remodeled our entire space. Making it more open modern and bright, we still carry oils and vinegars. But no worries, we still have the largest selection of key lime goodies in St Augustine. Famous for our shipped in KEY LIME PIE ON A STICK straight from the KEYS! 

So many great additions  are coming in soon, savory organic fine coffee beans and other awesome Artisan Brands. And... well of course MORE HOT SAUSES, in fact HOT STUFF now has the  largest selection of DATIL Sauces in the World! We have been in Downtown St Augustine Florida  for over 25 years! We are honored to do business in the most beautiful oldest city in the United States. Ardezen Market invites you to HOT STUFF to come sample a educated tasting experience with one of our  Pepper Connoisseurs:)  Thank You for Being our loyal customer.

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  **** 4 stars for Hot Stuff  



Worth a detour


You cannot eat at Hot Stuff, located in the historic downtown area of St. Augustine, but if you are a fan of spicy food, you want to know about this little grocery store. The small, pepper centric shop carries sauces, salsas, foodstuffs and condiments of all degrees of hotness from pinging to stinging to sadistic, but its unique specialty is the datil pepper and the many uses to which St. Augustine natives have put it. My favorite is the eye-opening pepper jelly (great with cream cheese on crackers) and I have become good friend of a ferocious powder known as lust dust, which local cooks use as a secret ingredient in chowders, stews, and chili.

Among the shelves of sauce, rubs and preserves are packets of seeds for people to grow their own. Most datil peppers come from backyards in and around St. Augustine, with only a few local small commercial growers. If you are a jelly maker or salsa maker and run out of your own crop, it is highly unlikely anyone else will be willing to sell you theirs. “The crops are small enough that everybody holds on to what they grow,” explained proprietor Chanel St. Clair. Local folklore says the peppers are so precious that growers use alligators as sentinels to guard their crop.

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Ed B
I had a great experience at this shop. The owner was very friendly and helpful. I got to taste test all the sauces before buying and most of them are in large size bottles. I bought a good selection of items and she gave me a bunch of freebies to try. I would highly recommend this store. Great selection and I didn't think that the prices were unreasonable.